The Boulder Flood

On September 12, 2013 we took the following pictures near our house of the big front range flood. Prior to us moving in, our house had been flooded several times. Fortunately Doug built a gravity fed drain out of our sump pit (not requiring a pump) and he had done a lot of landscaping in advance to ensure flood waters did not pool by the foundation of our house.
We had to do some additional digging around midnight on the peak day of the flooding to improve the depth of the river flowing around our house. It rained for 4 days straight, often coming down harder than either of us had ever experienced.
Our side yard was a waterfall.
The drainage ditch just East of our house was a raging torrent.
And a river was flowng behind several of the houses on the park.
Treyden and I walked over to the playground, finding it considerably underwater.
Manhole covers were overflowing and popping off all over town and in our park.
Of course we decided the best thing to do was attempt riding our bikes through the flood waters!
We were lucky to escape with only a flooded garage and no damage. Numerous neighbors had flooded basements and considerable destruction was experienced across the front range. What we saw around Boulder and surrounding area over the next couple weeks was astonishing.

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