Rafting Ruby Horsethief

In late July our family friends the Gales invited us on an overnight raft trip on the Colorado River. We started at the Loma exit near Fruita where we usually mountain bike.


There were a total of 33 people on the trip, many of them kids they same age as ours. Our oar boat was one of 6 total in our group along with 2 duckies and 2 kayaks. Here’s Doug at the helm with Gunner as his co-pilot.
As we traveled down the river looking up at the cliffs of Ruby Horsethief (one of our favorite mountain bike rides), we saw some excellent wildlife including bald eagles.
We camped 2 nights at the same location along the river, enjoying the local hiking, hiking up stream and floating down river, and hanging out with the fun group.
The kids enjoyed jumping in the river and floating down stream autonomously as well as jumping on board a different boat with their friends (see Treyden on the right below).

The final day included some fun water gun fights between the boats, exhilarating cliff jumping at black rocks for the adults as well as some mellow floating before ended a great adventure at Westwater. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience and really appreciate all the effort that was put in to making it happen.
When we returned home we went on a camping trip with Carleigh’s new preschool (patchwork) to Collegiate Peaks Campground. It was fun getting to know some new people and while Doug rode the Colorado Trail Lana and the kids enjoyed a hike up in to the Tundra of Cottonwood Pass.
Soon after we visited Pops and Sheryl in Fort Collins and had the opportunity to tour a locomotive! Here’s engineer Treyden in the drivers seat.


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